Momentive-Construction Silicone Sealants
                         GE Momentive Performance Material Silicone Sealant products address a wide variety of the ever inventive, increasingly demanding architecture found around the world. Outstanding durability, flexibility and movement capacity are the fundamental to the high performance of GE Momentive Silicone Sealants.

Structural Glazing Silicone Sealant having typical applications at Fašade Glazing, Curtain Wall & Windowwall, Cladding applications and Blast & hurricane mitigating protective designs.

Weather Silicone Sealant having typical applications at Expansion & control joints in building & fašade, Window & door perimeters, Smoke & fire control, Side Walks, Plazas, Parking Decks and Architectural wall coatings.
  • UV Resistant
  • High Elasticity
  • Unaffected by high or low temp
  • Excellent durability
  • Low odor
weather sealant
GE silicone sealants are an excellent choice for a wide range of weather Sealant proofing applications due to the outstanding weather resistance, durability, adhesion and high movement capability provided by silicone sealants. The combination of these properties enables the GE Weather Sealant products to provide long-term sustainability in many new applications and help minimize ongoing maintenance costs by remediating issues in many older buildings. GE Weather Sealant products provide the two most critical attributes of effective Weather Sealant products: long-term efficacy in sealing out air and water and the ability to withstand weather and atmospheric conditions without degradation.
  • Expansion and control joints in buildings and facades
  • Window and door perimeters
  • Smoke and fire control
  • Sidewalks
  • Plazas
  • Parking decks
  • Architectural wall coatings
GE glazing sealants' fast-cure properties provide rapid adhesion build and allow for a long-lasting bond that can accommodate the wide range of movement generated by an array of traditional and contemporary window and building designs. The glazing family includes sealants for an array of applications in the window and door manufacturing and installation industry.
  • Back bedding adhesive
  • Waterproof sealant for joints, perimeters and openings
  • Cap, toe and heel beads
  • Frame joinery
GE structural glazing silicone sealants are rooted in a history of excellent performance on complex and unique building structures around the globe. When innovative, world-class architecture utilizes structural glazing silicone systems to achieve awe-inspiring results, GE sealants can deliver with outstanding strength, durability and weatherability. The structural glazing family includes one-part and two-part structural silicone sealants and adhesives.
  • Facade glazing
  • Curtain wall and window wall
  • Cladding applications
  • Blast and hurricane mitigating protective designs
The GE specialty family includes a variety of sealants and adhesives to meet a broad spectrum of sealing and adhesion requirements.
  • Sanitary
  • Acoustical
  • Smoke and fire control
  • General purpose
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